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Network Hub and Cable


A Local Expert
Committed to Excellence

Since establishment in 1976, NJames Communications has built a reputation as one of the leading NEC maintenance, installation and Service providers in Australia.

Njames Communications can offer a solution to any telecommunications requirement and provide unparalleled maintenance and post-install support.


NEC systems

Empowered by innovation

NEC offer a wide range of equipment to suit any size business.

As a global R&D centre, NEC Australia exports locally developed and designed intellectual property and products to Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, South and North America and the Middle East.

Solutions designed and developed by NEC Australia are not only world class - in many cases they have been world first.






PABX, IP and digital telephone systems

Network Hub and Cable

Voicemail and Automated Attendant systems


Voice and data integration equipment

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Dish Antenna


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